Jinjiang to improve shoe-manufacturing


    Footwear expo kicks off in Jinjiang


    Jinjiang's prosperous shoe-manufacturing


    Footwear capital spotlights innovation


The Jinjiang Footwear (Int'l) Exposition, since 1999, is growing in reputation and influence in the footwear industry from home and abroad. It is a barometer and weather vane for the shoemaking industry in China and even in the whole world and is titled one of the “Top 10 Charming Brand Exhibition of China” by the exhibition industry.


  • 09:00, April 18: Opening Ceremony

    11:30, April 18: Signing of Friendly Agreement with Province of Cuneo Italy, Signing of Friendly Agreement with Wuppertal City of Germany

    April 18-21: Display at Outdoor Industrial Design Product Hall

    April 18: Ninth Jinjiang (Intl) Big Idea Sports Shoe Design Competition

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