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Notice to recruit specially-appointed professors by universities in Jiangsu Province, China in 2010
2010-May-14 14:40:15

Authorized by the Jiangsu Provincial Government, the universities in Jiangsu will recruit 20 specially-appointed professors from overseas countries in 2010. The relevant information is as follows:

II. Requirements

i. All applicants must abide by the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China and its laws, and demonstrate moral integrity, a rigorous commitment to research, and provide prove of physical and mental fitness.

ii. All applicants should have earned a doctoral degree and ideally they should be no more than 50 years of age for Science and Engineering programs, or no more than 55 years of age for the Humanities and/or Social Science programs.

iii. All applicants should have a minimum of two consecutive years experience in undertaking research overseas after obtaining their doctoral degree. To be more specific, they must have been conferred with at least the title of Assistant Professor, or a position of similar status, in a recognized and accredited non Chinese university or research institution.

iv. All applicants must have assembled a substantial performance track record, either by having led a significant research project and having published a series of influential papers in acknowledged academic journal/s or periodical/s, or by having mastered core expertise and owning invention patent/s, or by having made significant accomplishments in the conversion of scientific research results into technological innovations reaching an advanced international standard with extensive influence in their relevant academic fields. Their scientific research results must not be involved in disputed cases over intellectual property rights.

In some instances, should an applicant be particularly well-credentialed or if the pool of resources for the position’s specific subject range is limited, the requirements in qualifications and/or age could be relaxed.

Notice to recruit specially-appointed professors by universities in Jiangsu Province, China in 2010

III. Responsibilities

i. To direct the program in their specific field to achieve the top national standards while catching up with and potentially overtaking those at the advanced levels internationally;

ii. To take charge of significant national and provincial projects, while striving to achieve significant epoch-making results;

iii. To lead, or participate in, the development of an effective administration team and/or teaching faculty;

iv. To teach core courses in their relative subjects and to conduct academic exchanges both internationally and domestically.

IV. Duration of Employment

The duration of employment is three (3) years. Professors holding Chinese nationality will be employed as regular full-time employees. Professors holding non Chinese nationality will be employed as full-time faculty on a contractual basis.

V. Recruiting Procedure

i. Application: Applications may be submitted via fax, email, letter or in person prior to July 30, 2010 – all applications must be in written form and accompanied by appropriate supporting documentation at www.ec.js.edu.cn

ii. Appraisal by the University: The recruiting university has set up an appraisal committee comprising of distinguished experts and peer specialists to conduct evaluations of the applicants in accordance with their specific requirements and to select the suitable applicants to be recommended to the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education.

iii. Appraisal by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education: the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education has set up an appraisal committee to further evaluate the applicants selected by the universities and to report their recommendations to the Jiangsu Provincial Government for approval.

iv. Formal employment: The University will sign an employment contract and duty of work agreement with the specially-appointed professors.

VI. Salary and Benefits

i. For the 3-year employment period, the Jiangsu Provincial Government will provide RMB1, 000,000 for each Natural Science professor, and RMB500,000 for each Humanities and/or Social Science professor as research funding. The university will provide the specially-appointed professors with additional research funding which will be no lower than the Provincial standard.

ii. During the employment period, Jiangsu Province will provide a bonus of RMB120,000 for each professor and each university will provide a salary, insurance and benefits according to their relevant regulations.

iii. Each university will provide the professor with working and living conditions commensurate to the position and manage all issues relating to residence, the provision of the relevant visa, relocation assistance and schooling for any accompanying children, etc.

VII. Others

More information about each university’s recruitment program and details of the supporting materials the applicants are required to submit may be downloaded from the Jiangsu Education Website at www. ec.js.edu.cn where there is a link entitled “Jiangsu Specially-Appointed Professors Program.”

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