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International business-match gathering in Dalian
By Zhao Qian ( )
International business-match gathering in Dalian 
An international business meeting in Dalian, Liaoning province, on May 16 -- the Dalian International E-Commerce Platform Multi-national Business Matching Meeting -- attracted some 200 foreign enterprises to the "multinational fair" from 17 countries, such as Germany, Spain, Italy, South Korea, India, and Chile, to help the locals get greater access to foreign clients and international markets.
Sponsors of the fair were the Dalian International Electronic Commerce Center and Dalian Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau.
One Chinese company representative taking part had this to say, "Previously, we had to attend a number fairs and exhibitions in foreign countries to meet clients and promote out products at great expense, but this business matching meeting helps us save a lot and brings in good business opportunities".
Organizers reported that on-the-spot deals could be worth $103 million and cover the city's major industries, such as machinery, tools, agricultural products, aquatic products, clothing, and LED products.
Dalian set up an international e-commerce platform to provide client, customs, and overseas business information, in 2010, and, now, by combining traditional meeting methods with the online e-commerce methods, foreign companies in the city are able to cooperate with foreign clients at lower cost and more efficiently.

International business-match gathering in Dalian
International business-match gathering in Dalian
Edited by Roger Bradshaw