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Call to disband Dalian mounted policewomen's unit
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A retired police officer suggested disbanding the female mounted police unit in Dalian, Liaoning province, China Youth Daily reported on Sunday.

Call to disband Dalian mounted policewomen's unit

Policewomen patrol on horseback in Dalian, Liaoning province in this Oct 6, 2010 file photo. [Photo by Liu Debin/Asianewsphoto] 

The unit was formed in 1994 and was the only of its type in the country. Other cities have since established their own units.

Zhao Ming, the retired policeman, said having policewomen patrolling on horseback is just for "image" and it would be more practical for policewoman to patrol on motorcycles or bicycles.

Zhao said the unit cost too much and was really just for tourists. He also wanted the government to disclose the cost of raising and training the horses.