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Dashang Group to build property projects in Daqing
( Dalian News )

Dashang Group and Shanghai NHH Commercial Investment held a signing ceremony in Swissotel Dalian on Jan 12 to agree to cooperatively build the Daqing Kunlun NHH Center and Daqing Longfeng NHH Center.

Located in the west and east of Daqing city, respectively, the buildings will adopt advanced theme-based shopping center concepts and tropical characteristics, providing a special shopping experience for consumers in Northeast China. The two projects further optimize the strengths of Dashang Group in Daqing.

Shanghai NHH Commercial Investment is one of the most professional commercial property development and investment groups in China, initiating a development pattern known as "Nature-Human-Harmonious Green City Complex".

Dashang Group is the biggest department store and commercial group in China with more than 200 large and medium shops in 14 provinces. Its sale revenue reached more than 131 billion yuan ($21 billion) in 2012.

The two companies will integrate human resources, material resources and financial resources to create the largest, most advanced and professional commercial property group in China.

Edited by Zhao Qian and Michael Thai