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Dalian ranks the 4th in a government transparency evaluation
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Dalian has ranked 4th in a government transparency evaluation of 43 major cities in China, according to the Chinese Government Transparency Report (2011). Over 30,000 pieces of administrative information from more than 1,600 public enterprises are open to the public.

On February 20, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences held the “Rule of Law Blue Book - Publishing, Development and Outlook on the Rules of Law Symposium 2012” in Beijing. As the only representative of major cities, the Dalian municipal government shared its experiences at the meeting. They made a speech and discussed how to “promote in-depth integration of administrative affairs and technology while weaving two networks for publicizing government information.”

Dalian is the first in China to create the “Combo” framework of government affairs and publicity. They have established a unified institutional mechanism of top-to-bottom level public government information which operates in a coordinated way. It has resolved the institutional obstacles of integrating government services and electronic information technology.

Dalian is the first in the country to create the “five-in-one” mode which centralizes all five functions for its administrative service center of the district and municipal governments. “The five” refers to: making administrative affairs public; allowing for administrative affairs examination and approval; having a transparent e-government; allowing for information dissemination; and efficient administrative complaints handling.

Dalian has established a complete work system, and has successively issued such system documents as “Review Measures of Confidential Government Information in the Dalian Municipal Government”, “Initiatives to Make Information Public in the Dalian Municipal Government”and more.

With the further development of public government information, the municipal government has successively issued “Guidance on Budgeting and Final Accounts for Information Publicity”, “Information for Engineering Publicity Projects for Dalian”, and, “Comprehensively Strengthening Executive Powers in Operating Systems”. All these measures ensure the full deployment of public information in key areas. That is, administrative operation, financial budgets, final accounts, engineering construction, and relevant publicity platforms.

In the years to come, Dalian aims to establish and improve the supervision and evaluation system, strengthen statistics and notification of public government information, and effectively play the supervisory role of 100 administrative performance monitoring units. Also, it will monitor 500 units of political influence within a profession of government information publicity.