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Civil code takes step forward as NPC approves first chapter


China has made a concrete step forward in compiling a comprehensive civil code to better protect citizens' rights by introducing a fundamental civil law.

Lawyers: friends of judges, procurators and police


“Lawyers are the friends of judges, procurators and police because they can effectively supervise lawsuits and cases to encourage judicial authorities to handle them according to the law,” Zhang Jun, minister of justice said in a two sessions’ interview on March 12.

Public interest lawsuits to grow over pollution, food and drugs


A pilot program that allows prosecutors to file public interest lawsuits has been a great help in protecting the public's rights in environmental and food and drug safety issues, and the top procuratorate is moving to make the practice into law, the country's procurator-general said.

Eight highlighted pledges from judicial authorities


China's judicial authorities made the following eight pledges to be carried out this year, which are sure to influence Chinese people's daily life, according to Xinhua and People's Daily.

Workload for judges addressed


Shanghai has calculated how many cases a judge can handle per year to find a solution to the ongoing problem with judges' workloads, the city's top judge said on the sidelines of the ongoing two sessions.

Courts act to improve protection of rights


China's judicial authorities will continue efforts to correct wrongful verdicts this year and take comprehensive measures to protect citizens' personal and property rights, two senior judicial officials said on Sunday.

Lawmakers work to build new civil law


National lawmakers and political advisers have engaged in heated discussions during the ongoing two sessions over draft general provisions of civil law - new statutory language that would lay a foundation for the protection of civil rights in China.

China's top court releases 'virtual' work report


China's top judicial authorities have released reader-friendly digital versions of their annual work reports.

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