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Anti-drug campaign in school

By Mi Yunjing (english.legalinfo.gov.cn) Updated : 2017-02-20

Police officers in Suiping County of China’s Henan province went to a local middle school to provide anti-drug legal publicity on Feb 16, as a new semester began.

They used publicity banners, booklets, exhibition panels and educational video-clips to increase students’ awareness about drugs and the fight against them.

In explaining anti-drug knowledge, the police also gave a general introduction of juvenile delinquency in school surroundings and taught students how to resist temptation and protect themselves in emergency situations.

Anti-drug campaign in school

Police officers hand out anti-drug booklets for publicity to the students. [Photo/ HNR.CN]

Anti-drug campaign in school

The police provide anti-drug information to the students. [Photo/ HNR.CN]