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China adopts first counter-terrorism law

(english.gov.cn) Updated : 2015-12-29

Chinese legislators have adopted a series of laws at the end of a week-long bimonthly session in Beijing. Among the laws passed by the National People’s Congress Standing Committee was China’s first counter-terrorism law. The law goes into effect from Jan 1, 2016.

“The passage of the specialized counter-terrorism legislation is based on the current provisions of law. It comes both from the need to combat terrorism and from China’s responsibility in the international community. It will provide legal support and guarantees for the nation to combat terrorist activities, safeguard national and public security, the security of people’s lives and property, and strengthen counter-terrorism cooperation in the international community,” said An Weixing, Division Chief of Counter-Terrorism, Public Security Ministry.

The law establishes basic principles for counter-terrorism work and strengthens measures for prevention, handling, punishment as well as international cooperation. An Weixing said the newly-passed law is in response to the growing terrorism threat in the country and the world at large. It is essential to addressing terrorism at home and helping to maintain global security.

Officials also make it clear that certain requirements that technology companies share information with the government during terrorism-related investigations will not hurt business interests or infringe upon human rights.