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Dispute settlement

Updated : 2015-06-09

Measures for the settlement of the disputes arising between foreign tourists and tourism operators during the tour in China

According to Tourism Law of the People’s Republic of China, when tourists believe their legitimate rights and interests have been infringed by tourism operators, they can safeguard their legitimate rights and interests through mutual agreement, applying for mediation by tourist complaint acceptance authority, applying for arbitration proceedings pursuant to relevant agreements reached with the tourism operators, and filing a lawsuit with a people’s court.

Among these measures, the quickest way is to make a complaint to tourist complaint acceptance authorities. These institutions have generally announced the travel complaint hotline, and the common hotline number is 12301.

According to Measures for Tourist Complaint Settlement, in settling tourist complaints, tourist complaint acceptance authorities usually settle the civil disputes between the two parties through mediation, but if the respondent or its practitioners are found to have any illegal or criminal behaviors, tourist complaint acceptance authorities will make a decision of an administrative punishment in accordance with law, make suggestions for an administrative punishment to relevant administrative departments or transfer them to judicial organs.

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