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Interpretation on the notice regarding the amendment on China’s free antiretroviral treatment policy

The World Health Organization issued in 2013 consolidated guidelines on the use of antiretroviral drugs for treating and preventing HIV infection, which provides new guidance for treating AIDS patients.

Interpretation on the pilot work plan to equalize health and family planning service for migrant population

The Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and the 12th five-year national basic public service plan for 2011-2015 made it clear that the equalization of basic public service, including health and family planning service, is important.

Safety management system for newborns in medical institutions (for trial implementation)

In recent years, some medical institutions were exposed of misconduct in safety management for newborns. To strengthen their safety management and eliminate potential dangers, the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) of the People’s Republic of China formulated a safety management system for newborns in medical institutions (for trial implementation).

Interpretation on Population Health Information Management Measures (Trial Implementation)

With comprehensive and rapid construction of population health informatization and rapid new technology development and application, medical, health and family planning institutes at all levels are collecting more and more data on electronic health records, electronic medical records and population information.

Interpretation on the draft regulation on licensed doctors practicing at multiple sites

The general office of the National Health and Family Planning Commission recently asked for public opinions on the draft regulation regarding licensed doctors practicing medicine at multiple sites.

Notice on Village Clinic Management Method (Trial)

The method was formed to strengthen village clinic management, clarify village clinic functions and service range, and ensure rural residents have access to public health and essential medical services.

NHFPC issues Village Clinic Management Method (trial)

The village clinic is the foundation of the rural third-level health service network and is tasked with offering essential medical and public health service to rural residents.

Interpretation of the Notice on Strengthening the Hospital Infection Outbreak Report

Hospital infection outbreaks are key reflections of hospital infection hazards and an important part of hospital infection management. Strengthening the hospital infection outbreak report, related data analysis and utilization will help promote early reporting and timely treatment of hospital infections, as well as improve infection monitoring, prevention and control by health and family planning administrative departments and medical institutions at various levels.

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