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Bureau of Medical Administration


Drafting and implementing policies, standards and norms for medical institutions, medical technology, medical care quality, medical safety and services, and blood bank management

Department of Primary Health


Drafting, planning, standardizing and implementing rural and community health policies; guiding the construction of the national health care service system at the grassroots level and rural doctor management; supervising and guiding the implementation of health policy at the grassroots level.

Department of Maternal and Child Health


Drafting maternal, child health and family planning technical service policies, plans, technical standards and norms; promoting the construction of a maternal, child health and family planning technical service system

Department of Food Safety Standards, Risk Surveillance and Assessment


Drafting food safety standards; monitoring, evaluating and exchanging food safety risks; reviewing new food ingredients, food additives and other related food product safety; drafting terms and inspection specifications for food safety inspection agency qualification authentication

Bureau of Inspection and Supervision


Conducting comprehensive supervision of public health, health care and family planning; supervising and managing occupational, radiological, environmental, school health and family planning

Department of Drug Policy and Essential Medicine


Drafting national drug policy; improving the national essential medicine system; drafting the national essential medicine list and management measures of national essential medicine procurement, distribution and use

Department of Community Family Planning


Guiding and supervising the reinforcement of basic family planning management and services at the community level; improving and implementing family planning policies; promoting the construction of the family planning network at the community level

Department of Family Development


Offering policy advice to promote family development, establishing and improving the family planning benefit-oriented mechanism and support system for families in special difficulties, drafting incentive and supportive family planning policies, and comprehensively managing the gender imbalance at birth.

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