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NHFPC negotiates with WHO for Ebola prevention in China


By Feng Hui

Updated: 2014-11-02

To better prevent Ebola hemorrhagic fever in China, the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) discussed the epidemic with the WHO on October 30.

The representative of NHFPC said that the Chinese government had been paying great attention to the prevention of Ebola. It has organized many departments to be involved in cooperative prevention and a control working system, and taken its role in fighting against Ebola with the rest of the world; formulated prevention and treatment plans and trained professional medical staffs; strengthened monitoring on key areas and groups; organized emergeny drills; and strengthened health education for epidemic prevention. China hoped to cooperate with the WHO in the study of epidemic, risk assessment, Ebola treatment, vaccine research, science popularization and risk communication.

The WHO highly praised China in not only doing a good job in preventing Ebola at home but also providing a large quantity of supplies to West African countries. The WHO agreed with China’s judgment and assessment of the Ebola epidemic as well as the key cooperative fields put forward by China. TheWHO approved the setting up of an emergent communication system for Ebola prevention, and is willing to deepen its cooperation with China regarding epidemic prevention and control.

People in charge of the department of International Cooperation, Health Emergency Response Office, Bureau of Disease Prevention and Control, Bureau of Medical Administration and Department of Communications, as well as the WHO representative in China and technical officials of its regional offices attended the meeting.


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