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Authorities: No Ebola in Chinese mainland

Source:China Daily

Wang Xiaodong

Updated: 2014-10-30

Inspection and quarantine authorities across China have recently intensified efforts to prevent the Ebola virus from entering China, and no confirmed infections have been found, China's top inspection and quarantine authority said on Wednesday.

Inspection and quarantine authorities at entry ports across China inspected 26,235 people coming from Ebola-affected areas between Aug 4 and Tuesday and identified 88 travelers with fevers, but none was confirmed as having Ebola, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine said on Wednesday.

The authorities also inspected and quarantined more than 1,400 flights and 6,126 loads of goods coming from the areas during the same period.

The administration recently ordered its offices at various levels throughout the country to intensify efforts to prevent the deadly disease from spreading to China, as cases have spread to the United States and Europe.

Measures taken include requesting governments in affected West African countries to intensify inspections and quarantines of outbound travelers and requesting China-bound international flights to broadcast videos of Ebola prevention produced by the administration, the administration said.

The administration also intensified inspections at ports of international arrival, including on-board plane inspections and body temperature tests, focusing on those coming from areas hit by Ebola and those who have visited such areas in the past 21 days.

China is connected through 12 air routes to eight countries in Africa, where hundreds of thou-sands of Chinese work, according to the administration.


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