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Notice on the preparation for Ebola hemorrhagic fever treatment


By Feng Hui

Updated: 2014-10-21

NHFPC (2014) No 69

Health and family commissions in provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and the health bureau in Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps:

1. Pay attention to the preparation of medical treatment

Local health and family planning departments, especially departments in port areas that have personnel contact with Ebola-affected areas, should attach great importance to the prevention and treatment of the Ebola epidemic and strengthen cooperation with inspection and quarantine ports and civil aviation to carry out the preventive measures for Ebola.

2. Prepare medical resource for treatment

Local health and family planning departments should prepare medical resources for treatment according to the relevant notice and technical proposal released by the National Health and Family Planning Commission. These departments should strengthen the supervision and management for designated hospitals; provide necessary medicine and sterilized and protective supplies; prepare vehicles for transferring patients; and prepare medical facilities for designated hospitals, including quarantine areas for contagious disease, negative pressure wards, biological safety protective equipments, inspective equipment and kit supplies.

3. Prevention and control for nosocomial infection

Health and family planning departments at all levels should supervise the designated hospitals to carry out the regulations released by the NHFPC, such as the Medical Institutions’ Management for the Pre-Examination and Triage of Contagious Diseases, Medical Institutions’ Regulation for Sterilization, Hospitals’ Quarantine Technical Standard, and The Technical Guidance of Prevention and Control for Nosocomial Infection of Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever. The designated hospitals should set up an early-warning mechanism and emergency plan, which are aimed at infectious sources, transmission ways and vulnerable people based on the features of the Ebola epidemic.

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