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Li Keqiang calls for persistence in earthquake relief


Updated: 2014-08-15

The 72-hour golden rescue period has just passed

Li Keqiang, Chinese premier of the State Council, called Qin Guangrong, Party secretary of Yunnan, and asked all parties to spare no efforts in earthquake relief and fight until the end.

Li Keqiang calls for persistence in earthquake relief
 Premier Li Keqiang is leading senior officials to Yunnan Province on August 4 to examine the situation of a 6.5-magnitude earthquake and instruct the quake relief.
The Party Central Committee and the State Council have been paying special attention to earthquake relief work development in Ludian since the earthquake happened on August 3. Premier Li Keqiang made a telephone call to Qin Guangrong on August 6, when the 72-hour golden rescue period just passed. Li asked about relief work development and offered guidance on future relief work.

Li spoke highly of the relief work after hearing the latest work development from Qin, and asked Qin to convey his sympathy to the earthquake victims, military officers, soldiers and public security officers working at the frontline.

Li asked all parties to work hard to reduce disability and mortality rates, continue to give priority to life-saving efforts, carry out effective search and rescue, and never let up until the end. Li urged volunteers to strengthen medical treatment and pool the best medical resources to snatch the severely injured from the jaws of death and bring disability and mortality rates to a minimum. Li said that efforts should be made to properly take care of the bodies of the dead to show respect. Medical workers should conduct scientific medical aid and look out for themselves to ensure no new casualties in earthquake relief.

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