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Seminar on developing countries’ population, sustainable development and poverty alleviation takes place in Beijing


Updated: 2014-07-24

China, with the largest population in the world, always adheres to the sustainable development of population, resources and environment, and actively promotes cooperation with other developing countries, providing assistance to other countries within its ability and taking related international obligations. By deepening cooperation with other developing countries, China will make new contributions to promote the well-being of people in other developing countries, Wang said.

Zhu Liugui said in a speech that the aim of the Chinese government’s assistance to foreign countries is to help those countries enhance their self-development ability, improve the livelihood of their people, and promote economic and social progress in those countries.

The Chinese government has paid attention to the training of people from foreign countries to promote their social and economic development based on equality without any political conditions. Thus, it will deepen friendly relationships and promote the development of “south-south” cooperation, Zhu said.

The representative of the participants said in the opening ceremony that the developing countries praised the accomplishments of China’s fast growth and expressed their gratitude to the Chinese government’s assistance. He pointed out that countries should explore their own development paths based on their own conditions while learning from the successful experiences of China.

The weeklong seminar is sponsored by the NHFPC and Ministry of Commerce, and hosted by the China Training Center of Reproductive Health Family Care. It aimed to introduce policy systems and practical experiences of China’s population, urbanization, sustainable development and poverty alleviation to officials from developing countries to enhance the strategic planning and management ability of those countries in related sectors.

During the seminar, the participants will also visit the population and social public services facilities in Taicang, Jiangsu province, and Beijing to enhance exchange and cooperation in population, sustainable development and poverty alleviation with China.

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