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Liu Qian


Updated: 2014-06-13

Liu Qian

Vice Minister and member of Party Leadership Group of the National Health and Family Planning Commission

Responsible for laws and regulations, science and technology education, and health care for senior officials.

In charge of Department of Laws and Legislation, Department of Health Science, Technology and Education, Bureau of Health Care for Senior Officials Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (Peking Union Medical College), Medical Science and Technology Development and Research Center of the Ministry of Health, National Center for Cardiovascular Disease, National Cancer Center, and Science and Technology Research Institute of the National Population and Family Planning Commission.

Male, Han ethnic group, born in Beijing in February 1956.

April 1981: Joined the CPC

January 1974: Started work, earned bachelor’s degree and pursued research

September 1978-August 1983: Studied at Shanxi Medical College

April 1984-August 1995: Principal staff member, deputy director and director of the science and technology education department of the Ministry of Health (February-May 1993: Studied at Boston University’s Medical School; May 1993-May 1994: Visiting scholar at the Biotechnology Process Engineering Center of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

September 1995-February 1999: Assistant director and deputy director of the biotechnology development center of the Ministry of Science and Technology

March 1999-July 2001: Director of the biotechnology development center, head of the International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology’s Chinese branch, director-general of the China-EU Biotechnology Center, general office director and expert committee member of the National 863 Program in Biotechnology

July 2001-September 2007: Party secretary and executive president of Peking Union Medical College

November 2004: President of Peking Union Medical College Hospital

September 2007: Vice-minister and Party member of the Ministry of Health

February-March 2009: Studied at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government

February 2013: Member and general office director of the Central Health Protection Committee April 2013: Vice Minister and member of Party Leadership Group of the National Health and Family Planning Commission.


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