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Bureau of Inspection and Supervision


Updated: 2014-06-11


General Office, Division of Law Enforcement Inspection, Division of Public Health Supervision, Division of Infectious Diseases Prevention and Treatment, Sivision of Medical Supervision, Division of Family Planning Supervision

Major responsibilities

Conducting comprehensive supervision of public health, health care and family planning; supervising and managing occupational, radiological, environmental, school health and family planning; monitoring drinking water safety and infectious diseases prevention and control in public places; rectifying and standardizing the medical service market; investigating and dealing with major illegal medical health cases; standardizing comprehensive supervision of law enforcement behavior


Xue Xiaolin Director-General

Zhao Yanpei Commissioner (DG level)

Fang Yuanjian Deputy Director-General

He Xiang Deputy Director-General

Duan Dongmei Deputy Director-General

Tel: +86(10)68791906

Fax: +86(10)68791906


Link: China's Central Government / World Health Organization / United Nations Population Fund / UNICEF in China

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