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General Office


Updated: 2014-06-11


Minister's Office (General duty office), General Office, Research Office, Division of Documentation and Archive, Division of Governmental Information, Division of Secretary Liaison, Letters and Calls

Major responsibilities

Being responsible for documents processing, meetings, confidential work, archives, supervision and other daily operations of the National Health and Family Planning Commission; Investigating and researching on major issues ; drafting important documents; and taking care of making government affairs transparent, security and confidentiality, and letters and calls.


Yu Xuejun Director-General

Shi Hailong Inspector

Yang Jianli Commissioner (DG Level)

Du Xixue Deputy Director-General

Xiong Huang Deputy Director-General

Zhang Ping Deputy inspector

Qi Pingjiang Deputy inspector

Ma Xiaoyue Deputy inspector

Zhang Ming Deputy inspector

Tel: +86(10)68792077

Fax: +86(10)68792082


Link: China's Central Government / World Health Organization / United Nations Population Fund / UNICEF in China

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