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Updated: 2014-05-13

In order to facilitate medical and healthcare development in the Republic of Mali and strengthen medical cooperation between Mali and China, the Chinese government has sent out a team of 31 medical professionals to work at Mali Hospital, which is one of China’s foreign aid projects in the country. This is the 22nd medical team China has ever sent to Mali.

Out of the 31 medical professionals, 23 are male and 8 are female. The average age of is 43. Among them 20 are CPC members, and 1 is member of other democratic parties. 14 of them are senior professionals, and 13 are associate seniors. The entire medical aid team is enthusiastic to offer services to China’s foreign aid projects. With the support of China’s health authorities, the Chinese Embassy in Mali and local health authorities, the team has made fruitful achievements in terms of providing medical aid.

 1. Innovation, a new start for Sino-Africa medical cooperation Mali Hospital is a product of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation that took place in November 2006. The hospital is not only a new model for China and Mali’s medical cooperation but also offers new platform for Chinese medical team.

1.1 Making sure the smooth opening and operation of Mali Hospital With the support of various organizations and the medical team, the operation of the hospital kicked off on Sept 7, 2011.

1.2 Building a new model for medical cooperation While ensuring to offer safe medical treatment, the team started to work with limited medical resources. The move earned the respect of the hospital’s local management team, the working partners in Mali and local residents.

1.3 Earning the respect of various social sectors in Mali The medical team has been constantly praised by local media in Mali. Mali Hospital was regarded as the best hospital in the country by the former minister of health in Mali. The team also won recognition from Chinese Ambassador in Mali and China’s health authorities which sent delegations to visit them. Given the great performance of the medical team, Mali Hospital has applied to the Ministry of Health a national awardfor the entire team.

2. Sharpening medical skills and making innovations in medical cooperation

2.1 Breaking many medical records in Mali Led by Chinese doctors, Mali Hospital performed the country’s first micro neurosurgery. The hospital is also the first to perform hip replacement surgery and minimal invasive naso-endoscopic surgery in Mali. The hospital, which the Chinese medical team works for, is one of the most cutting edge hospitals in Mali and West Africa.

2.2 Widely using advanced endoscopic techniques With a full set of endoscopic equipment donated by the Chinese side, the medical team has performed surgeries for hundreds of patients. The use of endoscopic techniques significantly reduces the recovery time for patients.

2.3 Providing healthcare services to high level officials In line with the demand of China’s foreign affairs authorities, the medical team has offered healthcare services to senior officials of Mali.

2.4 Carrying out many medical training programs The medical team attaches great importance to the training of their counterparts in Mali. The team has held many seminars to demonstrate endoscopic techniques, which has attracted many local doctors in and outside Mali Hospital. The team also held all kinds of training programs to help Malian doctors learn more about surgery. Moreover, the members of the team cooperated with their local counterparts to do research and write papers together. 2.5 Successfully save the lives of Chinese people The medical team has increasingly become a strong and reliable medical support team to Chinese citizens who travel or work in Mali.

3. Calmly handling the political crisis in Mali The medical team faced an unprecedented crisis in Mali when soldiers took action to overthrow the Malian government in March 2012. With support from China’s former Ministry of Health, the local government of Zhejiang province and Chinese Embassy in Mali, the team calmly overcame the crisis.

3.1 Carefully taking measures to cope with the crisis Under the guidance from Commercial Section of the Chinese Embassy in Mali, the team has developed a package of measures to ensure the safety of its members. When the political crisis was under control, the medical team immediately resumed their work, receiving high praise from the Malian side.

3.2 Offering humanitarian medical treatment The medical team operated on many who were injured in the political crisis in Mali and donated many medical supplies. The fantastic performance of the medical team during the crisis attracted the attention of China Central Television to produce a short television program about them. The team also received written recognition from the Chinese Embassy in Mali and the International Cooperation Department of the former Ministry of Health.

4. Improving management and building the medical team into a famous foreign aid brand

4.1 Medical work has been receiving support from the Chinese Embassy in Mali and the medical team has been following the leadership of the Embassy. A monthly meeting has been held inside the team to ensure the team members understand the importance of foreign aid projects. Team members are encouraged to communicate at the meetings, and they are updated with major developments and new policies in the healthcare sector in China.

4.2 Strengthening safety management Members of the medical aid team strictly follow China’s foreign aid policies and regulations. The team will further strengthen management to ensure disciplined behavior at work.

4.3 Strengthening communication and exchange between China and Mali The team insists on being cautiously proactive, frank and friendly in medical work and foreign exchange. They actively keep close touch with Mali’s Ministry of Health and Malian hospitals, seeking more opportunities to cooperate. The team will continue its excellent performance and build itself into a leading Chinese medical team. To ensure the safety of all team members, the team will further innovate to promote Sino-Mali medical cooperation and bring the friendship between the two countries to a new level.


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