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Top ancient towns near Chengdu (1) – Huanglongxi town2015-08-19

The Huanglongxi Ancient Town is located in the southeastern part of Shuangliu district in Chengdu.

Lujiatan Wetland2015-08-11

Lujiatan Wetland located in the Hesheng town in Wenjiang district is one of the most popular fishing resorts.

Old towns around Chengdu2015-05-23

To escape the hustle and bustle of city life, the writer seeks tranquility in old cities.

Wenjiang Confucius Temple2015-01-19

Wenjiang Confucius Temple was selected as a cultural landmark of Wenjiang district in Chengdu.

Wang Guangqi Memorial Hall and Wang Guangqi's school2015-01-12

Wang Guangqi's Memorial Hall and his school were selected as cultural landmarks of Wenjiang district in Chengdu, Sichuan province.

140 year-old catholic church2015-01-09

Wenjiang Catholic Church, built in 1876, was listed among the district's cultural landmarks.

Gardens along greenway: Huisen Garden2014-12-25

Huisen Garden is famous for its podocarpus macrophyllu (yew pine).

Wenjiang Equestrianism Sports Center2014-08-07

Equestrianism Sports Center in Wenjiang is one of the top centers equipped with a standard equestrianism configuration in China.

Amusement Park of the Floraland2014-07-21

Introduction of the "Amusement Park of the Floraland".

Fairy Tale World of the Floraland2014-07-21

Introduction of the Fairy Tale World of the Floraland

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