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Yongning town updates government services

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Updated: 2019-01-31

Yongning town, Wenjiang district, Chengdu is establishing a platform supported by several stations to provide comprehensive government services for individuals and companies.

To ensure smooth communications, Yongning has been keeping motivation high through regular meetings and discussions to collect suggestions and ideas from enterprises, communities and individuals.

Integrating local resources, services and management, Yongning has established many service centers that provide guide maps, comprehensive guidance services, home service hotlines, and other specialized services.

Government service stations offer one-stop services for a variety of things, including corporate policy consultations, talent introductions, startup and employment services, industrial and commercial approvals, certificate processing, human resources and more.

Community service stations also provide housekeeping, volunteer, catering and medical services, as well as green agricultural products.

Located in Chengdu Medical City, Yongning serves as a talent cultivation center for the medical industry. Relying on the human resource service center, it provides comprehensive services to create a livable environment for talents.

Yongning hopes to offer more high-quality resources for companies and individuals, and encourage more interaction between companies, parks and community residents to achieve integrated development in the area.

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