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Disabled equestrian competition held in Wenjiang

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Updated: 2019-01-07

The Chengdu Disabled Equestrian Competition and Wenjiang Special Children's Equestrian Competition were held on Jan 4 in the equestrian park of the Jinma International Sports City in Wenjiang district, Chengdu.

It is the first-ever equestrian competition for the disabled in China, and it adheres to the rules, standards and processes of international equestrian competitions. Professional equestrian judges oversaw the event.

Contestants are a part of the Chengdu disabled equestrian team, which was established in November 2017.

As the only disabled equestrian team in China, the team made its debut at the 2018 China Equestrian Festival in November after years of intensive training. It received widespread attention.

The competition will help the team accumulate experience and provide a foundation for team members looking to participate in more competitions in the future.

The special children's equestrian competition was also held during the event. A total of 30 disabled children from the Wenjiang Special Education School participated in the competition.

The Chengdu Disabled Equestrian Rehabilitation Association will spare no effort in promoting the equestrian industry in Chengdu and western China.

The association will study professional competitions to develop a suitable equestrian training system for disabled people in China, and strive to become a model for the development of disabled equestrian events across China.

In the future, the association will cooperate with the Chengdu Disabled Persons' Federation, Chengdu Charity Federation and Chengdu Wenjiang Disabled Persons' Federation to continue providing long-term care for disabled people.

It hopes to raise public awareness of the disabled so that they can receive more support and get more opportunities to exercise.

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