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Longteng Hotpot Museum

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Updated: 2016-09-09

Longteng Hotpot Museum

Location: next to the Wenjiang Jinma International Equestrian Sports Park in Wenjiang district

Ticket: free

Hotpot is often the first dish that most people come across to and learn about the cuisine culture of Chengdu city. The Longteng Hotpot Museum is Sichuan’s largest hotpot-themed museum and collects almost everything related to it.

More than 600 antique utensils are on display, including very rare hotpots such as dragon head pot and duck-shaped pot. People can grasp a thorough knowledge about hotpot, its origins and historical development by visiting the museum.

Longteng Hotpot Museum

The Longteng Hotpot Museum in Wenjiang district, Chengdu. [Photo/Xinhua]

Longteng Hotpot Museum

More than 600 antique hotpot utensils are on display at the hotpot museum. [Photo/Xinhua]

Longteng Hotpot Museum

A sculpture depicting three people eating hotpot dish is on display at the Longteng Hotpot Museum. [Photo/Xinhua]

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