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Rural Forum: ecological civilization construction

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Updated: 2014-11-04

The Rural Forum of the China Ecological Civilization Forum Chengdu Annual Conference – hosted by the Wenjiang government and guided by Sichuan Agriculture University – started on the afternoon of Nov 1. The attendees carried on discussions on modern urbanization construction from an ecological perspective.

Lin Xiang, governor of Wenjiang district, gave a speech on the forum to outline its creative mechanisms to promote the construction of ecological civilization, including an assessment mechanism, an ecological resources database, an ecological civilization association, and special funding.

Lin also shared what he had learned from his works in ecological development: first, regard the ecological environment as the most precious treasure and a lifeline for development. Second, give full play to the role of residents and involve them in contributing to the construction. Third, make sure that the fruits of good development can benefit the residents.

The scholars and officials at the Forum later discussed construction matters concerning ecological civilization from the perspectives of rules and regulations, technical support and practical experience.

By Shi Zihan and edited by Brian Salter

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