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Roter Energy Company CEO visits Haidianyuan
By Zhao Qian (chinadaily.com.cn)
Updated: 2012-02-10

Claude Kalev, CEO, Sun Jianfeng, vice president and Daniel Beharry, director of Rotonix USA Inc paid a visit to Haidian Park of the Zhongguancun Science Park on Jan 11, 2012.

Rotonix USA Inc, located in California, US, is the leading flywheel energy storage system company in the world and a subsidiary of Rotenergy Holdings, Ltd. The company's OmniFly™ high power carbon fiber flywheel energy storage system is an advanced core energy storage unit used in uninterrupted power systems, energy circulation systems, energy storage support for new energy synchronization, and frequency and peak modulation energy storage power stations for the smart grid.

The system helps increase the efficient usage of electric energy while reducing emissions and guarantees the safety of the power grid. This ensures the synchronization of new energies like wind power.

Being optimistic about the prospect of the Chinese market, Rotonix USA Inc intends to industrialize its flywheel energy storage system in China.

During the meeting, Yan Xiumin, vice director of the Haidian Park, gave her affirmation to the flywheel energy storage program. She welcomed the company to set up a subsidiary in Haidian district, Beijing. The Haidian district administration committee will offer supports to promote the realization of the program and make contributions to the energy saving and emission reduction in China.

Edited by Chen Zhilin and Rakhee M


Yu Ping

Yu Ping is CEO of Jing-jin Electric (Beijing) Co Ltd.


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Wu Hongliu founded the Beijing Kaining Bioscience Technology Co Ltd.


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Shen is the founder of Beijing PapayaMobile Technology Co Ltd.


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