Tourist activities during the fair
Tourist activities during 29th Jiuhua Mountain Temple Fair
Activity Venue Date
Jiuhua Mountain tourist souvenirs and Buddhist supplies exhibition

Xihuan Tourist Service Zone

Aug 23 to Sep 13
1,000 pilgrims attend temple fair and worship Earth Store Bodhisattva

Core area of the scenic area

Early Aug

100 lucky visitors collect copies of the Earth Store Sutra

Ticket entrance of Jiuhua Street

During Temple fair

Opening ceremony of nonstop buses to the temple fair for “Residents of 10 cities”

Departure stations of nonstop bus

Early Aug
Huatai Treasure Hunting

Huatai (Flower Platform) scenic area

During Temple fair

Temple fair visit by 100 travel salesmen from South Korea  Dongya Hotel   During Temple fair
 10,000 tourists visit The Incarnation Pagoda of Earth Store Bodhisattva The Incarnation Hall  Aug 28