An artist's body of work that quite literally brings the walls to life

Updated: 2008-05-07 14:30

Human wallpaper: 'pretty much everyone who sees my work offers their body as my canvas,' says Hack

As a teenager she began painting on children's faces at fetes for pocket money and found she had a knack for it.

This led her to studying make-up artistry at college, where she discovered her preferred canvas: bodies.

Years later Emma has won a swag of art awards and is internationally admired on the body-painting circuit.

The camouflage idea came to her in 2005 when she saw wallpaper designed by Florence Broadhurst, popular for her stylish interior designs in the 1930s.

"I saw the amazing wallpaper and I thought 'that's it,' says Emma."

"But it was much harder to do than I first thought."

"The designs are complex and the curve of the form is hard to compact into something that makes sense as a flat wall."

But she became engrossed in the work and has produced 29 of the laborious designs since.

"Most take about nine hours," says Emma. "But the longest I've spent on one is 19 hours."

It takes a very patient - and unembarrassed - model, but Emma says she is rarely short of volunteers.

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