Britons spend five years of life worrying

Updated: 2007-06-05 18:08

Britons spend more than five years of their total life worrying, or 27 days a year, according to a survey.

The biggest cause for anxiety is personal health, followed by financial issues and crime, the findings for advice website revealed.

Young people in their late teens worried most, with 10 per cent spending 12 hours a day stressing, although perhaps surprisingly getting on the property ladder preoccupied them more than sex, their education or environmental fears.

Women worry more about their partners having affairs while men worried more about sex, either a lack of it or their performance, according to the research based on a survey of 2,000 Britons.

"The research shows that most people in Britain are really worried ĘC whether it's about something monumental like their partner is cheating on them or something relatively simple to sort out such as getting to grips with technology," said Richard Rubin, founder of

The survey's top 10 worry issues were:

1. Personal health

2. Outgoings & income

3. Crime

4. Cost of living

5. Terrorism

6. My children's future

7. National Health Service

8. Gun/knife culture

9. Global warming

10. Pensions

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