10 secrets to remember how special you are every day

Updated: 2006-06-07 14:26

Sometimes you just have to take a good, long look in the mirror and say "Love ya, Babe!" Life Coach Julie Jordan Scott tells us some secrets to remembering to praise ourselves every day!

Just do it!

1. For a week, ask people what they like best about you. Each day, journal on what you have heard and list each different "best thing" about you.

2. Keep an "Atta Girl!" or "Atta Boy" file. Keep it where you collect letters from people commending you for a job well done. Then LOOK AT IT when you want to refresh your spirit.

3. Remember times when you were fully in the Zone. Relive those moments so you can use them as triggering mechanisms when you are feeling low. For a copy of a free report "Triggering Mechanisms" click here.

4. Compile a portrait photo timeline of your life. Collect a photos for significant times in your life and remember what was joyful about you within those times. Make a collage or write a vignette for each picture.

5. Purchase a blank book or journal and write inspirational quotes and sayings in it to read and review later. Being in your own handwriting adds more power to the words.

6. Watch a comedy video or go to a comedy club and see what you find the most amusing. Chances are within the humor -- that which you find the most funny -- is something about yourself that you really treasure. Find some way to capture the essence of the humor and keep it with you by either writing it in a notebook, on an index card, or using an audio recorder -- with permission.

7. Remember your legacy. If you are a parent, aunt, uncle or significant friend to a child, see yourself through their eyes. Notice the pure joy and love when your special child has eye contact with you and runs towards you, arms outstretched and jubilant. If you do NOT have a special child in your life, see about finding one.

8. While you exercising, incorporate a component of gratitude for your physical body. For example, while exercising, express gratitude 10 times various parts of your body. If you were being grateful for your feet, in rhythm with your movements, you might choose words such as these: "I am grateful for the balance you provide me, I am grateful for the journeys we take together, I am grateful for your size and shape." Simply let your thoughts flow. While this may sound simple, the results may be significant.

9. Do something special just for you. Be as thoughtful in planning your special time as you would be planning special time with your partner or best friend. Then completely bask in the delight of positive self care. It truly is the best thing you can do for your loved ones. Take radically good care of yourself.

10. Tell your loved ones specifically how they can show you that you are loved. We are all different and express our love differently. The folks who cherish you MAY simply speak a different love language. The only way to get what you need is to let it be known. And do not be hurt if they don't get it your way. Be grateful they are in your life in the first place and move along!

While these are 10 ideas to get you started or continue along a path towards recognizing your own greatness on a daily basis, there are unlimited possibilities for you to think up that may fit your lifestyle. It is truly a miracle that each of us were created exactly the way we were. The odds of YOU happening are staggering. Live with passion!