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Take 10 and act to celebrate Earth Day

Updated: 2006-04-21 14:47

Here are 10 tips on how to observe Earth Day ! which is on Saturday ! from

1. Get off to a clean start: Take a shower with soaps and shampoos made with organic ingredients. Then, serve breakfast with certified organic orange juice, coffee, fresh fruit, cereal, yogurt and eggs.

2. Create a celebratory meal that's as close to 100 percent organic as possible. Invite friends and family to enjoy and help cook. It can be an organic picnic, pizza party, barbecue or high tea.

Try Organic Valley's Earth Day Creativity Cards for a fun dinner table game (http://www.

3. At season's peak (May through October), go to your local farmers market and buy from your favorite organic farmer. About 40 to 60 percent of all farmers market growers are organic.

4. Building healthy soil is a key tenet of organic farming. To guarantee rich, organic soil, start composting. Contact your local library or Cooperative Extension office for composting information.

5. Release "beneficial insects" (good bugs that keep away the bad bugs) in your organic garden. Ladybugs don't just bring good luck; they also serve as natural defenders for your garden's plants. Green Lacewing Larvae (considered the "garbage disposal bug" of the insect world) are hardworking and hungry. If they're not available at your local garden supply, you can get a list of garden suppliers online, at

6. Kids can celebrate with color. Get hold of activities and coloring pages on The O'Mama Report Web site ( Play the Environmental Game on

7. Be a big "softie" and treat yourself (or someone special) to a pair of 100 percent organic cotton socks or anything made with organic fleece. Studies have shown that, in the U.S., it takes about a third of a pound of chemicals to grow enough non-organic cotton for one T-shirt.

8. Remember your pooch. Give your furry pal an organic dog wash and treat him or her to an organic doggie biscuit.

9. Raise a toast to organic. Whether you enjoy a glass of organic wine, lemonade or tomato juice, there are many organic refreshments to wet your whistle.

10. Slumber soundly. Organically sip organic chamomile tea and slip under your organic cotton sheets.

! The Earth Day Network and Organic Trade Association have teamed up to draw attention to the ways organic products support a healthy environment and lifestyle with the Go Organic! for Earth Day national campaign. For money-saving coupons, organic recipes, educational materials, Earth Day events and a store locator for participating retailers, visit