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Your love life, in living color
Updated: 2006-04-20 14:54

man holding heartCan your favorite hues reveal the path to true love and happiness?

Despite two marriages, I've spent 80 percent of my life in search of the perfect man. And that's why I've got a serious case of dating fatigue. I just want Mr. Right, heart in hand, delivered to my door by Saturday night.

That won't happen, of course, but I'm always on the lookout for practical shortcuts to love. So when The Dewey Color System for Relationships (Three Rivers Press, 2005; $14) by Dewey Sadka crossed my desk, I decided to give it a try.

The simple 5-minute color-preference test ranks your most- and least-favorite picks within four categories to reveal the real you, not who you imagine yourself to be. Sadka says your subconscious is drawn to colors that correspond to specific traits and passions, and not to those reflecting issues you tend to avoid. Choosing colors maps your emotional landscape which, he says, can be decoded and used to navigate emotional barriers and conflicts in any relationship.

favorite colorsHappy couple by color
Sadka created this mini-version of his test to help make yours a better twosome. Choose your favorite color from each category and have your mate do the same. Then compare your answers, and talk over changes that could make your relationship its happiest.

If these are your choices: Personal freedom is the key to happiness. Beware the relationship with too many restrictions.
If these are your mate's: He's happiest when you give him unlimited support and allow him to express his feelings without judging them.

Yours: Keeping things fresh and new makes you happy, so nix the mundane home life or repetitive job.
Your mate's: Yellow-purple mates need lots of escapades that create a fun-filled life.

Yours: Discovering exciting, inventive things to do makes you happy. Routines bore you.
Your mate's: Loves stimulating situations and events, so provide a steady diet of unexpected adventures.

Yours: Happiness is feeling understood, so voice your needs.
Your mates: Find the meaning in his tone and words, and he'll be happy.

Yours: To be happy, accept that some desires aren't worth having. Fantasy is fun, but appreciate what you have.
Your mate's: Hes happy when guided by concrete facts, not emotions. Keep him grounded so his frustrations turn to joy.

Yours: Wide-ranging conversation makes you happy. Challenging social situations increase your self-confidence.
Your mate's: Banish boredom; otherwise, he feels frustrated, depleted, even depressed.

Yours: Respect for helping others makes you happy. Personal achievements strengthen your self-image.
Your mate's: Listening to his tough, practical advice makes him happy. He's all about making your life together work.

Yours: You're happiest when you're in control.
Your mate's: Let him set the priorities, and you'll receive powerful strategies and supportive suggestions.

Yours: To be happy, be yourself. A few friends, small gatherings, and you stand out.
Your mate's: Hes happiest knowing you love his true self, warts and all.