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  • Chef Ming Tsai adds new year touch on Valentine's Day

    2010-02-10 09:28

    Ming Tsai upped the ante on his Valentine's Day menu for Sunday after he realized Chinese New Year fell on the same day.

  • Tea, sweetened with talk and tamale

    2010-02-09 10:03

    Jiangnan is as moist as Sichuan, but Jiangnan people have a sweet tooth. The amount of pepper a typical Sichuan family consumes a day can last a month in my hometown.

  • Bewley's of Dublin: tea, coffee and culture

    2010-02-09 09:08

    At Bewley's in Dublin, the curtain doesn't so much rise on the performance as close on it, shutting out the shoppers down below thronging one of the city's best-known streets.

  • Critics trash McDonald's nationalist food bid

    2010-02-08 08:52

    Fast food chain McDonald's has teamed up with the Italian government to cook up a hamburger with a national twist, but the unusual initiative is giving some food lovers cultural indigestion.

  • Will you be my Valentine?

    2010-02-04 10:40

    METRO reporter Todd Balazovic reaches deep into his heart to pull out secret tips for romance.

  • Opening up Ozzy wines

    2010-02-06 10:46

    Australian wines are doing well and aiming high in China, said James Halliday (pictured right), one of Australia's leading wine authorities, at a wine tasting for the media and industry insiders in Beijing recently.

  • Steeped in tradition

    2010-02-06 10:44

    Chrysanthemum tea (pictured left) is one of the best beverages to keep you in good shape. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the flower can dispel excessive heat in the body, clear the eyes and help clean out harmful elements in the body.

  • Experience Da Dong's taste adventure

    2010-02-06 10:42

    At a recent tasting at Da Dong Peking Roast Duck Restaurant's Jinbao Place branch, GM Dong Zhenxiang announced that sea cucumber, not Peking roast duck, was the best-selling dish at this high-end eatery.

  • Matsuko's fresh treats

    2010-02-06 10:40

    Quality food in the right hands is at Matsuko Japanese Restaurant, which has just opened its fifth branch in Beijing on the newly renovated basement floor of Marco Polo Parkside.

  • Get your claws into crabs

    2010-02-06 10:38

    With the Lunar New Year fast approaching, it is time to introduce some festive dishes the whole family can enjoy together. Here are two tasty crab dishes that are finger-licking good. Pauline D Loh shows the way

  • The way to a lover's heart...

    2010-02-05 10:42

    Along with the bad traffic, Valentine's Day in Beijing has quickly become like that of any other developed city - hard to book reservations at popular restaurants.

  • Festive family feasts

    2010-02-05 10:41

    Friends and family get together to enjoy big servings for a lucky and prosperous new year

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