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  • Good food, good value

    2010-06-12 09:31

    Greentea Restaurant has the potential to become the next dining phenomenon in Beijing.

  • French showcase

    2010-06-12 09:31

    French chef Julien Machet presented an original, natural and healthy meal recently at a media tasting at Le Pre Lenotre, Sofitel Wanda Beijing. The one Michelin star chef of Le Farcon Restaurant, La Tania presented a five-course treat.

  • Honoring a poet patriot

    2010-06-12 09:28

    Duanwu, popularly known as Dragon Boat Festival, will be upon us soon. Pauline D Loh reflects on its legends and traditions.

  • Bars boot up for the big ball bash

    2010-06-10 14:54

    With the World Cup about to kick off in South Africa, fans in Beijing are gearing up for the event.

  • Celebrities saddle up social and business lives at Jockey Club

    2010-06-09 09:56

    A copper horse stands guard outside a 38,000-sq-m Chinese traditional house off Jinbao Street, where top auto brands such as Ferrari and Lamborghini and a variety of luxury retailers are clustered nearby.

  • Vine Talk: Bubble war - Is it Champagne or sparkling wine?

    2010-06-09 09:14

    Wine labeling remains a highly confusing affair.

  • World Chefs: English takes lessons from European markets

    2010-06-09 09:09

    American chef Todd English has opened his interpretation of the European food halls at the historic Plaza Hotel in New York, with an array of offerings from sushi to panini.

  • Australian cafe claims world's biggest burger

    2010-06-07 13:27

    An Australian cafe is claiming a world record after cooking a giant hamburger with an 81 kg (178 lb) patty that took 12 hours to cook and four men to flip.

  • Tasting ambrosia in Heaven on Earth

    2010-06-05 09:41

    Water Paradise offers some 100 varieties of Western food. "Everything is prepared with meticulous attention. Nothing is microwaved and put on the table," Mei explains.

  • Going nuts over the 'mad apple'

    2010-06-05 09:41

    The humble eggplant may be one of our most maligned foods. As a member of the deadly nightshade family, it suffered a terrible reputation for a long time.

  • A purple wonder

    2010-06-05 09:41

    You love it or hate it, sing its praises or avoid it like the plague.

  • "Super" North Korean drink "multiplies brain cells"

    2010-06-04 15:37

    North Korea, which again warned of war on Friday after weeks of denying any role in sinking a South Korean naval ship, found time to sing the praises of a "super" drink which apparently multiplies brain cells.

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