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Updated: 2013-04-12 16:32

Duchamp and/or/in China

Visual arts

A big name in the art world, Marcel Duchamp has a unique look on modern art. By modifying the primary function of an object, he turns it into a piece of art. The ready-made, initiated by this master only about one hundred years ago, has turned the art world, including China, upside down. Within the frame of this beautiful exhibition of Duchamp's work, which are presented in three packed boxes, the works of ten Chinese artists will engage in dialogue with one of the most important artist of the 20th century: Ai Weiwei, Cai Yuan, Guo Hongwei, Huang Yong Ping, Lee Kit, Song Dong, Taca Sui, Wang Luyan, Wang Jun-Jiyeh, Wang Xingwei, Zheng Guogu.

Beijing,14:00 -16:00,April 30. The curator John Tancock will share his in-depth knowledge of Duchamp with the audience.16:30-18:30, April 30.Serge Bramly, author of 'Orchidées fixes' will be in Beijing to present Marcel Duchamp.Ullens Center for Contemporary Art(UCCA)

Wang Ruiyun, translator of the Chinese edition of 'Dialogues with Marcel Duchamp' and author of 'Duchamp: A Biography', will give a lecture based on her essay Zen, Duchamp, and American Modern Art.

The Chinese artists who are featured in the exhibition will share their conceptual acquaintanceship with Duchamp.

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Duchamp and the Photogram

Making the ready-Made 

Retinal Painting 


A series of short films by Marcel Duchamp and other experimental artists

Beijing, April 27 - June 16,Ullens Center for Contemporary Art(UCCA),T : 010 84599269

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Arles: a French school

Visual arts

The Arles photography festival returns to Beijing for the fourth consecutive year as the exclusive label of French photography, with an exhibition featuring five artists who graduated from the National School of Photography in Arles. Presented in the primary exhibition of the festival in Arles in 2012, Vincent Fournier, Dorothy Smith, Olivier Metzger, Gregory Alexander, and Aurore Valade, are all exhibiting in the 798 Space.

A Lecture by François Hébel, director of photo festival Rencontres d'Arles will be hold. 

Beijing,May 15 - May 26, 798 Space, T : 010-59789182.

15:30 -17:00 May 12,Visual Art Center, Tsinghua University T : 010 6278 9089

Organizers : Thinking Hands, Les Rencontres d'Arles


A look on the Young French Creation

Visual arts

The National School for Photography in France (ENSP) celebrated its thirtith anniversary in 2012. Hundreds of photographers have gone through these thirty years, who passionately have practiced the use of the image in its all caracteristics and have gone over the flat surface of the photo paper that reflects life. The School chooses to celebrate in this exhibition « Those who arrive ». Those we don't know yet, those we wish to discover... Rececent graduates from the School, they are also thirty years old, and hold in themself the desire of intense creation

Beijing,July 3-15, Visual Art Center, Tsinghua University, T : 010 6278 9089. 

Organizers : National School of Photography (ENSP), Tsinghua University Soutien 

Support : French Institute, Ministry of Culture and Communication

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