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2013 Spring Festival
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Ending on an encore

Chinese performers receive overwhelming applause on the second last stop of an annual Lunar New Year global tour.
Spring Festival in Australia
Chinese performers add color to Spring Festival in New Zealand

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Road show brings Spring Festival cheer to Australia

Peter Yang says he tries to avoid showing up in his food store at the Chinatown in downtown Adelaide, capital city of South Australia, these days.
Chinese performers add color to Spring Festival in New Zealand

Chinese folk diva serenades the Big Apple

New York's 6,000-seat Radio City Music Hall was full on Saturday night for the first concert of Chinese soprano and folk singer Song Zuying's US tour. Pulling new punches
Love fest for a Chinese diva

Australia celebrates Spring Festival with overseas Chinese

Sydney Town Hall was the city's hottest spot for Chinese on Sunday night, as it hosted a Spring Festival gala performed by Chinese artists.

HK welcomes touring Spring Festival show

A global performance tour featuring Chinese acrobatics, songs and dances received a warm welcome and applause from audience members in Hong Kong after a performance in the city's Convention and Exhibition Center Sunday night.

Snow, rain add to travel pressure

Worsening conditions mean a cold, slow start to the New Year for many.
China's railways brace for post-holiday travel rush

Millions on the move

Returning home, an annual ritual for most Chinese people before Spring Festival, has become a torturous test of will and persistence for many.
Carpooling impractical to go long distances
I thought car sharing is good way to get home

Shoppers scooping up gifts for New Year

Changing tastes - and changing ideas about how to celebrate the Spring Festival holiday - make finding the right gifts for the family more challenging than ever.

A stylish touch of snake

Anything with a snake theme is in vogue this year - from sportswear to gadgets and accessories, to fashion, footwear and even stamps - as the country edges nearer the Year of the Snake on the traditional Chinese calendar.

Dion set to shine on night of stars

Celine Dion has spent hours rehearsing a popular folksong to help China bring in a new year with a landmark gala performance.

Great snakes!

The Chinese have an irrational fear of the snake, yet the representation of the zodiac animal includes a bittersweet tale of vows and hearts broken and love transcending disaster.

Human safety net

When things go wrong for travelers, a train station patrol officer is ready to help.

Migrant workers' festival gala

Migrant workers bring a little song, a little dance and a lot of passion to their Spring Festival gala, which has blossomed this year after a makeshift start.

Chinese eye US trip for festival

With the most important Chinese holiday approaching in February, many Chinese have begun signing up for travel to the United States, adding to a major source of US tourism.

Rented cars offer new options

Airplane tickets are overpriced. Railway tickets are hard to get. Yes, going home for the Lunar New Year is a problem. Some have found solutions in car rentals. It's a little pricey, but less troublesome.

Homecoming interrogations trouble young Chinese

The "interrogations" that parents spring on their hapless children during the Spring festival are as hard to handle for some young Chinese.

Prices for Chinese liquor drop ahead of Spring Festival

Well-known Chinese baijiu brands including Moutai and Wuliangye have lowered their prices just before Spring Festival, which is usually the peak season for liquor sales.

Food and travel

Traditional treat

Surely few staple foods are as versatile as nian'gao, or rice cake, a must-have during Spring Festival in East China.

Mountains of fun

The name is apt: Entering into Secret Garden, an integrated ski resort in sleepy Chongli county, opens up a whole new world of relaxation.
Ski magnets
Expats skip travel for fun in the capital
Spring Festival getaways in Beijing
Spring Festival travel guide: Guangzhou

Family feast gives festive feeling

Sharing a meal with family on Lunar New Year's Eve is the best way for Chinese people to get into the festive spirit, a survey has found.

Small bites: Spring festival & Valentine's

Hidden gems of history

Want to travel off the beaten track to heritage sites? If you think of Peru but not Machu Picchu, Cambodia but not Angkor Wat, India but not the Golden Triangle, here are some choices for you.
Give me five

Feast of the year

Most Chinese go home for dinner on the eve of the Spring Festival, but engaging an in-house chef is becoming a trend.

Auspicious food that ushers in the Spring Festival

China is huge enough that regions in the north and south seem like two different worlds. Yet, no matter northerners or southerners, all Chinese believe you are what you eat - and that is why the naming of the dishes for the all-important Spring Festival dinner is so important.

'Bite' spring

February 4 marked the Beginning of Spring this year, the first of the 24 solar terms, according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar. It is a tradition in China to eat a flour pancake, which usually contains rolled up vegetables, fried egg and deli food dipped into thick broad-bean sauce. Chinese people refer to eating this stuffed-pancake roll as "Yaochun", which literally means "biting the spring".

Sanya crushed by Spring Festival tourist rush

Sanya may be the country's most popular resort during the coming Spring Festival, but the city's infrastructure is not yet ready for the booming tourism.

Photo gallery: Chinese people prepare for Spring Festival

A 10-day fair, which kicked off here on Saturday, offers local customers goods and supplies from more than 800 retailers prior to the Chinese Spring Festival which falls on Feb 10 this year.
Malaysian temple to greet Year of Snake
Make snacks to greet Spring Festival
Lunar New Year preparation in Myanmar

Photos and videos

China's Macao embraces peak tourist season amid holidays

According to the statistics, the totoal number of people entering and exiting all ports of Macao reached 257,000 Thursday.

Praise the Red Lantern

Villagers on the northern outskirts of Beijing prosper by swapping fruit trees for colored silk.

Traditional New Year paintings still prove popular

First made more than 500 years ago, the paintings represent expectations of a prosperous life. During the Spring Festival, Chinese homes are traditionally decorated with nianhua, or New Year paintings. Although this folk art has seen its popularity wane in modern times, it still survives in some places in China.

Foreigners experience Lunar New Year traditions

A series of Lunar New Year activities to bring together foreign and Chinese citizens in the Maizidian community in Beijing.
Students in Sweden celebrate Spring Festival
Chinese-Indonesians prepare for Spring Festival
Lunar New Year celebration concert in L.A
Overseas students celebrate Chinese New Year

Video: Explore folk handcraft Lunar New Year paintings

The folk handcraft lunar new year painting, which is used for blessing and ringing in the Chinese lunar new year, is one of the most popular forms of artwork among Chinese families.
Fun at Temple Fair: Sugar painting
Fun at Temple Fair: Soft ceramic art
Fun at Temple Fair: Performance in a box
Fun at Temple Fair: Art of inner painting

The Year of the Snake is theirs

Editor's note: As the Chinese New Year celebration brings in the Year of the Snake, China Daily's photographers and correspondents have been looking for people from across the nation who were born in the Year of the Snake to tell their tales.

Spring Festival travel fashion

A fashionably-dressed woman waits for a train at Ningbo Railway Station, east China's Zhejiang province.

Lunar New Year wishes

Cards with people's New Year wishes written on them are tied to a wishing tree at a shopping mall in Wangfujing, a commercial area in Beijing.

Chinese Spring Festival introduced to pupils in Brussels

The Chinese embassy in EU and the 4th Brussels European School held an event to introduce Chinese Spring Festival to hundreds of pupils and their parents.

Spring Festival travel rush starts around China

Passengers prepare to board a train at Taizhou Railway Station in Taizhou city, east China's Zhejiang province.
Spring Rush delivers poor fast food
Lunar New Year travel rush seen at Beijing West Railway Station