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Updated: 2012-10-12 09:57
( China Daily)

"Mo Yan has been at the forefront of the exploration and creation of Chinese literature over his more than 30 years of writing. He is probably the most translated Chinese contemporary writer. His winning will certainly arouse more international attention to, research on, understanding of and interest in Chinese literature."

Tie Ning, chairwoman of the Chinese Writers' Association

"Congratulations to Mo Yan! It means the Swedish Academy recognizes Mo's analysis and understanding of the Chinese way of living and Chinese humanity. It's also an approval of Chinese literature. It's a result of Mo's endless efforts since the 1980s. The wide range of his work reflects the depth of his work."

Zhu Wei, editor-in-chief of Sanlian Life Weekly

"He is a great writer, and his contribution to literature is the equivalent of Dickens'.

"But I still think Mo Yan's writing, and to an extent all Chinese writing, is not truly understood by Western readers because a part of Chinese literature is lost in translation. Howard Goldblatt has done a good job in translating Mo Yan's work, but the variety of vocabulary in the Chinese language cannot be translated into English. But as more people in the West learn Chinese, Chinese literature will gain greater appreciation and influence globally."

Briton Toby Eady, an independent literary agent in London, who represents many Chinese writers including Yu Dan

"Mo Yan is a pioneer of contemporary literature and he totally deserves it. His books focus on the countryside and may not have so many young readers. But his works always enjoy a high reputation in the professional field."

Su Tong, Chinese writer

"His winning isn't an honor only for Mo Yan, but also for the award. The honor is mutual.

"Mo Yan once said that he was happy winning the Mao Dun Literature Award (China's top award for writers) and took three days off before he resumed his writing as usual. I feel that now he could take 30 days off."

Liu Zhenyun, Chinese writer

"He is very expressive. I look forward to his speech when accepting the award."

Lu Jiande, director of the Institute of Foreign Literature at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

"He's very clever and has liked reading since he was a kid. He's an honest guy and I hope he could write more works popular among the public."

Guan Moxin, Mo Yan's elder brother

"We have faith in Mo Yan as our writer, and Mo Yan has faith in us as his publisher."

Cao Yuanyong, vice director of Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing Group

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