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Lost in Danxia of various ages

Updated: 2012-09-25 16:50
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China's Danxia has successfully been listed in the world natural heritage, becoming the eighth Chinese world natural heritage. Chishui of Guizhou, Taining of Fujian, Liang Mountain of Hunan, Danxia Mountain of Guangdong, Longhu Mountain of Jiangxi, Jianglang Mountain of Zhejiang, these 6 Danxia landforms perfectly demonstrate the entire beauty of Danxia throughout its various ages.

Lost in Danxia of various ages

Early youth - Chishui of Guizhou

Chishui of southwest China's Guizhou province is the largest Danxia landform in China. The most impressive sites of Chishui Danxia are its various waterfalls. Among those spectacular waterfalls, the Shizhang Waterfall is the largest one. It sounds like thunder and its water mist canopies the valley. Downstream from the waterfall, numerous boulders and red sand under water come into sight. Occasionally, visitors can see the wonderful "Buddha halo" moving among people.

Transportation: Take a plane to Luzhou city in Sichuan province and then take a bus to get there.

Accommodations: There are many hotels in good condition in Chishui. The private hotels around bus stations are very cheap. It is better to book a hotel room in advance as Chishui is popular with tourists.

Delicacies: Chishui hot pot and spy chicken are very famous.

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