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At the LBF

Updated: 2012-04-10 13:03
( China Daily)

Han Dong is participating in five events at the London Book Fair from April 16-18.

Han Dong: I am going to the LBF just for fun. I don't believe I have many readers in London, judging by what I saw a year or two ago. But I believe there could be more foreign readers in the future. At least I hope more people get to read my stories because I wrote them in all seriousness.

Nicky Harman, translator/editor: Han's stories are carefully crafted and (given how serious he is about literature) surprisingly, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny. Screwed is extraordinary, inventive and delightfully quirky while also being sharply satirical. These are qualities that would appeal to an English-speaking market. Han's poetry is beautiful. His writing gives Chinese literature a very human face, and also a literary one.

Ra Page, managing director, Comma Press: I think Han has great potential, just because he's so different, so odd and fresh, and yet funny, and observant at the same time. I think he's a great advert for Chinese literature in the wider world, and I'm sure his presence at the LBF will be an eye-opener for many people in the industry here; they'll be surprised by quite how radical and challenging Chinese writers can be.

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