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Guo Jingming on his latest best seller

2012-03-06 16:16

By (China Daily)

Guo Jingming on his latest best seller
Guo Jingming on his latest best seller

Guo Jingming on his latest best seller

Guo Jingming on his latest best seller 

Writer Guo Jingming's latest book Tiny Times 3.0 has sold 1.4 million copies in the two months since its release last December. It is a new height in the writer’s career: Nearly every one of his eight books have been annual best sellers.

Guo, 29, told China Daily in an exclusive interview in Beijing that he's glad about the sales achievement in such a short time.      Full Story...

  Guo Jingming on his latest best seller
  • 1.25 million yuan (US$198,000) for selling e-publishing rights of Tiny Times series
  • 97 million yuan (US$1.54 million)copyright gains in 2006 to 2011
  • No 1 among Forbes 100 Chinese Celebrities in 2011 enlisted as writer
  • 5 times to be among top 5 richest Chinese writers of the year

           Guo Jingming on his latest best seller

Q: Do you know who's reading your works? 

A: High school students, university students and female readers.

Q: When was the lowest ebb of your career?

A:Around 2005, when I started to get into the entertainment business. I felt like very small potatoes then.

Q:What's the secret of your success?

A:One, persistence and endurance; two, ultimate values readers can relate to.

Q:So what are your ultimate values?

A: It's the true, the good and the beautiful. I'm not kidding.

Guo Jingming on his latest best seller

Q: What do you think are great works? 

A: Great works are the ones that sell. If the messages in the works fail to reach a large audience, how are the works going to influence?

Q: Are you thinking about your works going global?

A: I am indeed. My works have been translated into Japanese and Italian. But for English readers, I'm waiting for a perfect project. You know I'm perfectionist.

Q:What are you going to do in the future?

A:Full of possibilities. My friends say being a writer may be just the starting point of my life. I might turn out to be a hugely successful entrepreneur, whose life draws to an end with a surprisingly good masterpiece.

Guo Jingming on his latest best seller

Stationed in downtown Shanghai's Jing'an district, Guo Jingming's empire extends from the literary realm into cultural products.

"There will be more of a media buzz soon with our new products," Guo says.  

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Guo Jingming: man of many parts

Guo Jingming not only sells more books than any other Chinese writer, he is a prominent businessman and a youthful celebrity figure.

China's best-selling writer Guo Jingming is slim and suavely dressed in a creamy Western-style morning coat and a cute, white bow tie. 

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 Guo Jingming on his latest best seller

Guo Jingming on his latest best seller

Guo Jingming does a good job attracting teenagers who are into computer games to read; whereas the bad job is he leads readers to believe his works are real literature.

-- Zhang Ning, literary critic at Beijing Normal University 

 I see one respected virtue of Guo: whatever slanders surround him, Guo never fights back in public with discourtesy.

-- Yu Hua, veteran writer

Now it's mission impossible to afford buying house through writing. Guo Jingming is the only writer who's able to live the life he is living through writing.

-- Mo Yan, veteran writer

Guo is a writer and publisher. He has been doing both jobs well. He has zeal and a good sense for publishing. He's qualified to be in charge of more areas.

--Jin Lihong, veteran publisher with Changjiang Literature and Art Publishing House 

 I'm avoiding talking about popular 1980s-born writers like Guo Jingming in public, which I think shows my respect on them.

--Su Tong, veteran writer


Guo's Major works

Guo Jingming believes the charm of his writing lies in his passion for narration. "My stories are like a drop of dye, once in water, it diffuses and becomes pervasive," he says.Tiny Timesseries (2008-2011)

The trilogy started in the same year Guo left Shanghai University (diploma unclaimed).

Cry Me a Sad River(2007) The novel focus on the suicide of a pregnant high school girl, and the stories of young people she meets before her death.

Rush to the Dead Summer(2006) It's about pursuing dreams and high school graduates love in a beautiful small town Qianchuan.

Never-Flowers in Never Dreams(2003) It's about a teen love triangle in big cities, a tearjerker that was accused of being plagiarized.

City of Fantasy(2003) A fantasy story about murders in the fictional Ice Kingdom.

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Guo Jingming on his latest best seller

Guo Jingming on his latest best seller