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Classical wok of art cuisine

Classical wok of art cuisine

Classical wok of art cuisine

" I like traditional Chinese cuisine and hope to promote 'classical wok of art cuisine', Chef Tony Zhu said at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Sun Palace Beijing.

The concept of "art cuisine" is based on Cantonese Cuisine (simply called Yue Cuisine), followed by other classical Chinese cuisines, such as Sichuan (Chuan Cuisine), Jiangsu ( Chuan Cuisine), Zhejiang (Zhe Cuisine), Hunan (Xiang Guisine), Shangdon (Lu Cuisine), Fujian (Min Cuisine) and Anhui (Hui Cuisine).

"It is not just a simple combination of these styles, but a recreation and distinction," Tony stressed. "The dishes preserve a traditional Chinese taste without a touch with technique of Western or Southeat Asian cooking."

“Wok of art cuisine" requires great intelligence of the skills of food presentation, originality, conceptual menu design, cooking skills and knowing the names of individual dishes and the understanding of all Chinese cultures of different regions, according to Tony.

"It's a form of Chinese art which combines all Chinese cuisine into one which I hope it would become highly popular in China and other parts of the world -- from Asia to America, Australia, Western Europe and Southern Africa," Tony said.

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