Premiere of 'Animals United' in Beijing

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Updated: 2011-06-21 16:41
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Premiere of 'Animals United' in Beijing

Chinese singers Wang Zheng (with daughter)(L1), Da Zhang Wei (L2) and He Jie attend the premier of the 3D animated film "Animals United" in Beijing on June 20, 2011. [Photo/]

The premiere of the 3D animal film "Animals United" was held in Beijing on June 20, 2011. Chinese singers He Jie, Wang Zheng and Da Zhang Wei attended the event and shared their views on environmental protection.

The central theme of the film is environmental crisis and damages done to our common home by human activities.

Created by the hands of European animation masterminds, the film "Animals United" tells the story from the eyes of wild animals in Okavango Delta. The crueler side of humanity, profit-oriented and totally ignorant of the consequences of their doings, is portrayed in the film. The victims, wild animals of Okavango Delta, unite their courages to fight back in order to retrieve their lost nature.

As one of the animated masterworks for this summer, witty humors and educational values in "Animals United" makes it the film of choice for families, entertaining children and grown-ups alike. The story, design and special effects are also just as brilliant as the record making film "Ice Age."

"I believe it's a good opportunitity for children to learn about environmental protection," said He Jie. "Animals in the film are all very lovable, and I think the message it sends out is important."

Premiere of 'Animals United' in Beijing

Chinese singers Da Zhang Wei( L1), Wang Zheng (L2) and He Jie interact with a child at the premiere of the 3D animated film "Animals United" in Beijing on June 20, 2011. [Photo/]

Stars at the premiere interacted with members of the "Kaku club" from Kaku TV. The crew played educative games on environmental protection. "We want to spread the knowledge on environmental protection to children and parents, and hope that children are aware of the importance of environmental protection from an early age", the organizers said.

The event was organized by China Film Corporation and Orange Sky Jiahe Wanliu Cinema in Beijing. The activity earned the support from China Environmental Protection Foundation, a first national public foundation on environmental issues in China. Kaku TV of Beijing and numerous renowned media were also there to cover the event."Animals United" will be released on June 24 in China.