Lin Chi-ling on love and luxury goods

By Liu Wei (China Daily)
Updated: 2011-06-14 13:41
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Marrying well is better than marrying wealth, says Taiwan model/actress Lin Chi-ling, whose latest big screen role, nevertheless, is that of a material girl.

Lin Chi-ling on love and luxury goods

Taiwan Actress Lin Chi-ling at the news conferenec of Love on Credit.[Photo/China Daily]

Lin, 37, is known for her beauty and grace, even when confronted with questions about her single status in a country where most people assume marriage should happen at a younger age.

"I think you journalists must be bothered, too, wondering 'why do we have to ask Lin Chi-ling the same question every time?'" she says, smiling sweetly. "Shall we put a period after this question? No wedding this year, but I will definitely share it with you when I decide to tie the knot."

As the "first belle" of Taiwan, Lin does not want to follow in the footsteps of many actresses by marrying a rich man.

"To me, marrying into a kind family is better than marrying into a wealthy family," she says.

The double majors graduate of economics and Western art history at the University of Toronto has worked hard to prove that she is not only a beautiful face.

After her impressive big screen debut as a beauty in John Woo's Red Cliff in 2007, Lin tried to break the pretty-but-dumb stereotype in the 2010 slapstick Welcome to Shama Town, in which she had short hair and gruesome makeup, and played a woman always wielding a kitchen knife.

If in her previous films Lin goes no further than supporting others, in her latest romantic flick, Love on Credit, she is the leading lady.

Acting opposite mainland A-lister Chen Kun as her love interest, Lin plays a girl who asks for an affluent life rather than romance, and finally realizes love is more precious than luxury goods.

"In this film, I want to convey the message that all women - including me - who constantly live under the spotlight have the same yearning for true love, which cannot be replaced by money," she says.

Although she rose to fame as a model, clearly Lin's favorite job is now acting. She will soon star in a Japanese stage drama adapted from the Chinese classic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, playing Xiaoqiao, the same role she performed in John Woo's Red Cliff.

She will soon take language lessons and training courses for the stage performance.

"I never thought I could still be on the stage at this age," she says. "I fly over different cities every day, and sometimes I wake up and get a bit confused and think, 'What am I doing now?' But once I start working, I feel refreshed. I think I am still in love with my work, which is really lucky for me."

Love on Credit will premiere this autumn.