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The ancient art of women's underwear

Updated: 2011-03-04 15:29
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The ancient art of women's underwear

Underwear was considered a showcase for the wearer's taste and needlework – attributes highly valued in women of ancient China.

Varieties of Chinese Women's Underwear

1. Moxiong, a one-piece underwear garment binding breasts which first appeared in the Northern Dynasty (420AD-589AD) and was popular during the Tang (618AD-907AD) and Song (960AD-1279AD) dynasties.

 2. The zhuyao ("zhu" meaning button) was a style of embroidered underwear favored by Qing Dynasty (1644AD-1911AD) court ladies.

3.The xieyi was a tunic-style undergarment first worn in the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD). Xie in Chinese means frivolity. The term xieyi hence implies the prevailingly evasive attitude towards even the mention of underwear.

4. The dudou, also called the doudu, was either a square or diamond shaped apron-style garment, often embroidered, covering the bust and belly which fastened at the back. The dudou often incorporated a pocket in which to keep ginger, musk or other Chinese medicinal herbs believed to keep the belly warm.

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