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Updated: 2011-01-04 17:02
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 China Daily recommends

Confucius From the Heart: Ancient Wisdom for Today's World

By Yu Dan

The multilingual versions of the best-selling book promoted by British book agent Toby Eady are considered to be among the most successful Chinese books in the global market. The star-like author shares simple-to-understand wisdom for daily life.

China Daily recommends 

The China Model: A Dialogue Between East and West

By John Naisbitt, Doris Naisbitt, Zhao Qizheng

The book records discussions between the former Chinese minister of the State Council Information Office and the futurist Naisbitts, who authored China's Megatrends. Focusing on heated topics in various areas, it unveils China myths.

China Daily recommends 

Pearl of China

By Anchee Min

Burying the Bones

By Hillary Spurling

Pearl S. Buck's biographer Hillary Spurling believes Buck changed the way many Westerners saw China and foresaw as early as 1925 that China would emerge once more as a superpower. Anchee Min's new book is a fictionalized work about the Nobel prize-winning American author's life.

China Daily recommends 

Country Driving: A Journey Through China from Farm to Factory

By Peter Hessler

The third book on China from Hessler presents the American journalist's observations on the country over 15 years, his experience of China's transformation, traveling on the highways, with his characteristic humor and insights.

China Daily recommends 

Symbols of China

By Feng Jicai

Like the six-volume Chinese-language version, the book is well designed and has carefully chosen pictures. The English version tells Chinese stories through vivid narration and the introduction of Chinese symbols and totems.


 China Daily recommends

Myself and China

By Ross Terrill

An Australia-born China specialist and influential biographer of Mao Zedong, gives a panoramic view of both the powerful and grassroots Chinese he has encountered, with objective, critical analyses of the international situation.

 China Daily recommends

International Situation and Security Strategy

By Xiong Guangkai

General Xiong's book provides a military angle to examine the current state of international affairs and their prospects based on the requirements of China's diplomacy in the new era, with his 50 years of experience working in the Chinese Army.

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