Netizens share bulk discounts with tuangou

By Sean Griffin (China Daily)
Updated: 2010-08-05 10:04
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Top Tuangou Sites

BBS sites like XCar and QQ are also popular places for organizing buys, with users meeting in forums or groups pertaining to a particular product. Each of the tuangou sites below has pages for quite a few cities.

MeiTuan ( is one of the leading sites for tickets to restaurants, spas, and tours. They offer payment by Paypal and SMS updates.

TeamBuy ( Focuses on the big items - real estate, cars, and everything you need to hold a wedding.

LaShou ( Looks exactly like Meituan and offers nearly identical services.

Qeeka ( The focus is on household furnishings including toilets and flooring.

Tuan800 ( specializes in food, tour and show tickets, and other less expensive items.

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