Book, magazine must-have travel accessory: survey

Updated: 2010-02-12 10:11
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Book, magazine must-have travel accessory: survey

NEW YORK - The must-have travel accessory that most people would not fly without isn't an iPod, laptop or a portable DVD player. It's a printed book or magazine.

Despite the growing popularity of the Kindle and the recent launch of the iPad, 73 percent of travelers questioned in a poll said a low-tech book or magazine was what they wanted with them on a flight.

"It's refreshing to see that in this high-tech era, some of the most traditional travel accessories are just as important as ever," said John McCarthy, president of the GO Group, LLC, which provides airport and ground transportation and conducted the poll.

The laptop came in a distant second with only 10 percent of the 250 people in the poll selecting it, followed portable DVD and MP3 players with a combined total of 7 percent.