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Ill billionaire plays poor to get medicines in charity

(Modern Express)
Updated: 2009-11-25 10:49

A billionaire suffering from cancer forged documents to prove he was poor so that he could avail of free medicine from a charity for years in Zhejiang province.

Chen Youxing, 60, owns a number of real estate projects across the country. He has at least two villas, with more than 10 luxury cars parked in their driveways.

In 2003, after being diagnosed with cancer, Chen asked his son Chen Feng, a resident of Qiangtou village in Shaoxing, who inherited his father's company, to file an application for him at a charity, which provides free medicines to the poor.

The medicines were otherwise setting Chen back by a whopping 20,000 yuan ($2,950) a month.

According to the forged documents, Chen had no medical insurance and had an annual income of no more than 28,000 yuan. Chen's application for free medicine was approved.

However, when Chen's neighbors found out he had been cheating to avail of charity, they informed the organization, which recently revoked all further goodwill for the real estate giant.