Almond-eyed actress

(China Daily)
Updated: 2009-10-27 10:42

Gao Yuanyuan has become "Image Ambassador" for California Almonds. The 30-year-old actress says the brand chose her because of her beauty, success and healthy lifestyle.

Gao said her tight-schedule makes it hard to lead a normal life, so she always carries one or two packs of almonds, "which can kill time and give me energy".

Chief marketing officer for the brand, Shirley Horn, said Gao will bring the new global image of California Almonds to life: "She is simply elegant, sophisticated yet friendly and approachable, and because of her healthy lifestyle, she is naturally beautiful."

Gao first caught attention with the movie Spicy Love Soup (Aiqing Malatang) in 1997 and had a lead role in the TV series The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre (Yitian Tulongji).